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As you have already seen the new template for prestashop 1.6 is very focused on selling clothes, so we will try to implement an improvement to show a list of sizes, sizes or additional information you want to show.

In the product.tpl file depending on where we like better display the button, we have chosen to place it on this part

!-- Fancy window --
<p><a class="sizechart" href="/content/5-size-chart?content_only=1">{l s='Size Chart'}</a></p>

or in source code text editor descriptions


<p><a class="sizechart" href="/content/5-size-chart?content_only=1">Size Chart</a></p>

This part corresponds to the id and link cms page we created to contain the size chart, just have to change it to our created in this case 5-size-chart


And finally placed the call script in js/product.js

 'type': 'iframe',
 'width': 800,
 'height': 750,
 ' maxWidth': 750,
 'fitToView' : false,
 scrolling : 'auto',
 'autoSize' : false,

Posted on 03/04/2014 in Prestashop

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