Date picker in cart summary

This module show a datepicker input in the cart summary order page                


Accesories in product list

This module allows show products accesories in the categories product list            

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Design and Trends to Boost Conversions

The Deep End Design have compiled a comprehensive list of design and UX trends that have been shown to boost conversions.    


WordPress 4.5 launched

This update may be small compared to some we’ve seen in the past, but the changes introduced are designed to make using WordPress just a bit easier for everyone. It’ll be interesting to see where the Customizer goes from here. Now you can log in to WordPress with your email address instead of your username.…

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My Store

CMS in Home tab

This module allows show cms page content in home tab section            

We call you module

This module allows our customers and visitors to request a phone call. The request will be received through email notification. New version added with more features            


Increase price in combinations

To show the price increase of the combinations we will take the following steps First we set the backoffice from the price increase in the product combination       Now we made the changes in the template files In themes\your_theme\product.tpl just below <!– Attributes –> <div class=”product_attributes”> <div id=”attributes”> add this   <span id=”show_impact_price”></span>…

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Why Your Site Goes Down

  Why Your Site Goes Down by Whoishostingthis to meet the causes of website outages    


State of the web

  State of the web report development by CodeGuards to meet the webs trends and stats    


Shipping cost in product list

This post is a continuation of this one published some time ago. Now we will add the shipping cost of the products in the product list of the categories, to do this we also need the files overrides the previous post and install the shippincost module that you can download from this post. Once we have installed…

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