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Marketing videos

        Increasingly we are more aware of the importance of content in the online marketing. This infographic by bixamedia we can see how important is the implementation of video                

Vimeo chapter markers

In this demo we can see how to display a sequence of chapters in a vimeo video using api vimeo See the Pen HTML chapter markers for a Vimeo video by Ian Armstrong (@Imperative) on CodePen.

Hypnotizing Slow-Motion Footage

Video by Adam Magyar are one of those things that are difficult to explain verbally, It´s Filmed in Tokyo, New York and Berlin, Magyar positioned himself on trains as they pulled into subway stops, filming the waiting crowds at 50 frames per second using a high speed camera. The resulting footage creates an uncanny feeling…

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Comete motorcycles

This video demonstrates the importance not style brand that offers stylish have a video that defines the identity of a brand. You can feel photography, music, one comes to feel like I was living that moment of solitude with oneself and with the product.     I love Comete Motorcycles

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