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Instagram portfolio view

Instagram is becoming more popular and able to display on our website is now a possibility. You only need to use instagram api and this code See the Pen Instagram by White Wolf Wizard (@WhiteWolfWizard) on CodePen.

Marketing videos

        Increasingly we are more aware of the importance of content in the online marketing. This infographic by bixamedia we can see how important is the implementation of video                

Tubular video

In this experiment we can see visual interpolation of a color layer on a video. The ability to edit a video by code is becoming more real. This is possible thanks to the use of the latest version of jquery script and tubular See the Pen Video background with solid shape over it by…

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Half style text

Hafl text style for headers and logo designs. To make it possible to use jquery code with wrapString function to split the text color in a vertical.     See the Pen Half-Style Demo by Liliana Kastilio (@lili2311) on CodePen.    

Shine hover

Text effect created with shadow. This example is created and allows observe shine.js     See the Pen shine.js by Miwako Nakasuka (@msuka) on CodePen.    

WordPress 3.9

True to the date set for its release, since yesterday we already have the new version of WordPress, the well known system for content management (CMS) for blogs, which reaches version 3.9, with particular emphasis on the issue of media between your list of new features, which we summarized from Elegant Themes. With WordPress 3.9,…

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Screen sizes

At the beginning of every web project you undertake should be very clear devices and their respective resolutions to know or at least have an idea of the challenges you may encounter along the way. ScreenSizes is a website with a large database of decisions of most mobile devices or smartphones that are currently available…

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Secretly share

It is evidently known that is not too safe to share information over the Internet and that any image, text or video on a web we insert will be stored on other servers. Therefore, if often or occasionally share sensitive information with others via the Internet, you should use a tool that ensures that such…

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