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Fancybox in all pages

Let’s make some changes to use fancybox on every page of our Prestashop store. This first thing we’ll do is download and install the module fancyboxallpages. Then we just have to put the code to display the popup where you want. For example we will place a link in the direction of our store to…

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Product video popup

The image is critical when it comes to selling our products, show a video that can greatly help the product reaches our customers better. With this trick we will place a link on the product page so that pressing one in the fancybox popup window appears. We put the call to the script in the…

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Size chart info window

As you have already seen the new template for prestashop 1.6 is very focused on selling clothes, so we will try to implement an improvement to show a list of sizes, sizes or additional information you want to show. In the product.tpl file depending on where we like better display the button, we have chosen…

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