WordPress 3.9

True to the date set for its release, since yesterday we already have the new version of WordPress, the well known system for content management (CMS) for blogs, which reaches version 3.9, with particular emphasis on the issue of media between your list of new features, which we summarized from Elegant Themes.

With WordPress 3.9, users can now drag and drop the images directly in the post editor, when we could only do it just before the media manager. In addition, through the visual editor you can resize the images, among other changes, but we want to include a picture gallery of the publication in which we are working, and can fully preview, instead of observing a placeholder we had in earlier.

The TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor has also been improved by optimizing elements that conformed, also having both visual improvements as functionally. One element that disappears is the copy from Word button, and now the contents of word processors like Microsoft Word can be pasted directly into the editor safely, where there exist code errors and styles. Navigation issues has also been improved, allowing easier access to repository issues WP.org free access, allowing even a preview of each item before installation.

Posted on 19/04/2014 in Webresources, Wordpress

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